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Fosbinder Law Office

Quality, Reliability, and Experience in Legal Representation

Fosbinder: The Solution to Your Employment Needs. Don’t Wait, Call Us Today!

Fosbinder Law Office is located in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are a diverse team of legal professionals who provide quality representation to clients with employment conflicts.  We  handle all types of employment law claims.

Most of our clients have been wrongfully fired, or have been the victims of severe sexual, racial or age based harassment. We also represent employees unlawfully denied job opportunities such as promotions or bonuses, or benefits earned, such as pensions or disability insurance. 

Our firm has filed claims for our clients in State and Federal Courts under both employment discrimination laws, which protect employees from discrimination based on age, race, national origin, gender, religion and disability.

We have also filed state law claims for wrongful termination, Family and Medical Leave Act claims, wage and hour claims, overtime claims, and short and long term disability claims.   We handle cases through all stages, including appeals.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients through integrity, hard work and persistence, all at a reasonable rate.

We strive for fairness with our clients, upfront and effective communication, setting of realistic expectations and a very aggressive litigation approach.

We want to help you resolve your employment issues, get you fair compensation for valid claims, and bring peace to your situation.

We are happy to tackle your unemployment claims and review your severance package, employment contract or non-compete agreements.

If you feel you have been:
Wrongfully fired or laid off,
• Harassed because of your sex, race, age or disability,
• Denied a job for invalid reasons,
• Suffered assaults or a verbally hostile  working conditions,
• Have unemployment claims, or
• Denied promotions or retaliated against for unlawful reasons…

Don’t wait, call our firm today at 704-333-1428 to ensure your rights.  Claims and lawsuits are subject to strict deadlines.  Seize your opportunity to make a difference. 

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